Friday, 13 February 2009

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol. 2 Review

I'm new to this blog thing but one thing i know, is that Certified Banger is the top dog in this blogging phenomena..period! This is the second volume of 'On The Radar' and it is FREE!!! The artists are all on the come up and from all over the UK which for me is now a very important thing to be showcasing. The UK hip hop scene is not just a London thing anymore (not that it ever was but it has been the general perception) and the local accents of my brothers and sisters from all over the UK are something to celebrate and enjoy.

1) Certified Banger Exclusive - JVF Clique (produced by Pappa Doc)
The intro is very fitting with shouts out to MR.CB throughout, the JVF drop over some ill guitar sample and banging beat with good flows and strong presence. Good start!
2) Coming For The Game ft. Jay Madden, Chris L & Assa - Jut
Straight up head nod hip hop, banging your face up with the raw lyrics over a well produced track "over the bar like lampard, missing his free kicks" good shit!
3) Dr. Who ft. Dan Bull, Mrs. Pez & Jimmy Crack – Skrimshank (produced by Damo)
This one hit me on a different level..Its a raw topic, some brave lyrics on this track. But it is done with heart and the message is a good one. Thought provoking.
4) Respect Your Elders ft. Remus - Krate Krusaders
I think i have heard of Remus somewhere before..haha. What can i say? Honestly, even if i never knew this talented kid personally, i would still say that this track is some good shit. Krate Krusaders smacking the beats as per usual. Clear and provocative message.
5) Life Is Real - Antidote (produced by Pro P)
Antidote comes hard on this track, produced by Pro P the beat is emotive and blends with the mc's verses and well thought out chorus. Well constructed track, good flows and real talk. Enjoyable.
6) All I Wanna Do - Chima Anya
This shit is nuts..I gather that this is one of the more popular tracks on this compilation, and i agree. Chima comes hard and lays it down with passion but all the way through you just know that this is a nice guy having a bit of fun (maybe I'm wrong)
"I heard Diplos giving her the magic stick, well that's cool but stop giving her your tracks you PRICK" haha, says it all!
7) Real Life Drama - The Three Amigos (produced by Naive)
These man coming with some of that good old boom banging, hardcore, ruff, rugged and raw shit..the beat is right up my street and the Mc's do the track justice throughout. "This is R L D!!!" These guys are on the ball with good delivery and outstanding qualities. Real life drama!
8) Final Frontier - Grit Grammar (produced by Baron Samedi)
Woohahhh!! Yes, The beat is Nasty..Urgghhh!! Baron Samedi smashed the shit out of this! Grit and co come with the perfect match lyrically. You gotta have chemistry between the beat and the mc to make a track great and this is a Chemistry class for wak rappers..Well done lads. Enjoyed
9) After Life - Dan Bull
I like Dan Bull, when he does his own thing and lets his conceptual way of thinking and writing take control he is in a league where only few can stand. He is producing tracks that have taken time to can hear it. He works with the beat like an instrument within the music. This is how it should be done. Bravo!
10) Drama - Joker Starr (produced by G Man)
Rah, I wasn't expecting this, i like it hahaha i like it a lot! "My name is bodee the dark angels name is Doyle..Da da Dun" man theres like an explosion of lyrics going on in my ears. Joker comes with a cinematic cyclone of some modern last poets over some funky ass 70's shizzle. This is Great!
11) See I Realise ft. Anneke – MasterSystem (produced by Whys)
Cool, I have learnt not to judge peoples work as an artist, because i am part of the scene and i am still really competitive so i have to try to be a 3rd person when i review or speak publicly about other artists work (which means the world to them) All that said, this is the first track on the album that i don't feel very much. The production is cool, the singer is sweet but the mc's timing is not something i can ignore (sorry lads) Timing is everything in life..even more so in music. Potential!
12) Gully - Asaviour & Apa-Tight
Asaviour, what a G! a genuinely nice man who has been coming up steadily through the ranks for years. Apa tight comes hard and does damage with his flows over a lo-fi synthed out gangsta beat "call it how you see it like catchphrase" Hard!
13) The Title - Dabbla (produced by Miss Tofelees)
More big tunes..this compilation is full of talent innit? Dabbla holds the mellow groove well and spits the bars nicely..."be a tree and bend with the wind" clear and coherent!
14) Mimsey Grove - Gouki P (produced by Ants & Jut)
Hahaha..the intro is classic..blop! These guys are hitting it nice. I can hear exactly what they are aiming at and they do it well..the 3rd verse is incredible, serious! Be careful with these flows cos live shows can catch you short ;) But on the whole this is nice..beat is ok but the mc's make it into something bigger and better. i wanna hear more.
15) Subhuman Nature ft. Darkstar - Antiheroes (produced by Reklews)
wahoooo!! i love this shit. UK has got some fucking hidden talents man (or maybe i dont get out enough) This is my cup of tea, yeah the american part is cool but our uk representer smacks the shit out of it. I like the beat..its dark and nasty! someone give me these guys number!
16) Rugged Bros ft. Lowercase - Chattabox (produced by Sober)
Chattabox and Lowercase come hard and raw as the 'Rugged Bros' I have always enjoyed Chattabox and this track does what it says on the tin..Rugged brothers. Nice
17) Dark Matter (Remix) - Simple Samples (produced by Dweller)
I never heard the original but this works cool with me..The rappers bounce back and forth well and all have good voices and deliveries. Beat is nice, again the rappers make it all that much better. Yeah
18) Crop Circles ft. Circle Makerz - King David (produced by Safron)
The beat is nuts, must big up all the beat makers on this compilation as well..I dont know much about these guys. I really like the 2nd verse. This particular style seems to be developing with mc's all over the country at the moment and this guy hits it up and makes it his own..nice lyrics throughout.
29) Family Life ft. Cipher Jewels – Reggiimental (produced by DJ Konn)
Big mans talking right here..Smooth and chilled beat, Rappers coming with the real life lyrics and keeping the message uplifting at the same time letting you know that their shit is real and as they say "gotta get the balance right" A lesson!

Wow, what can i say..phew! UK has got bags of talent to go round. Living in a country where our (hip hop) art form rarely sees any of us have financial success, we all have to understand the benefits of networking between ourselves. It has taken me years to understand this, you can be ignorant towards other peoples points of views and stay sour and empty or you can open the door to a world of upcoming, striving, passionate musicians and poets who want the same things as you. Together we can realise our dreams

Certified Banger, i take my hat off to you. Simple!

Go download this compilation from CERTIFIED BANGER now..Its freeeeeeeee


  1. bigups on this.
    i was on the first but the second is another level.

    uk is goin strong

    peace spee 69

  2. appreciate the kind words sir, biggup farmaaa!! taskforce don mega supreme!


  3. nice to see some life in hip hop, alot of enthusiastic emcees i havnt heard before. Hope they drop a third volume

  4. I will be Dan, it's pretty much all in the bag, just waiting on a couple of nice exclusives.

  5. Yes Farma, good to see you takin time to review these things man-but u missed off our track! we have an album dropping soon tho I will get a copy to you to chek out.

  6. Thanks for your kind words mate, really appreciate time u put into writin this. Glad you liked our track, check out, we are trying to make our dent by fortnightly MASS topic based collabs.

    Thanks again F!