Thursday, 17 September 2009

Farma & Wizard - The Anthem

Wizard smashes it once again..Taken from his new mixtape..ear to the beat

Friday, 10 July 2009


<a href="">Death Of L.O.L by Task Force</a>

Thursday, 11 June 2009

1minute to save the world

For all the budding film makers out there check out the competition HERE its all for a good cause..get ya cameras out


Farmz flexes some bars for GONE.TV

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Blatantly Blunt Blogspot

Another site to check out

GrimeGeeza Blogspot

Check the

Gully Side - Buggsy

Buggsy is a seriously sick lyricist and also a very nice guy to go with it..
also the filming on this little video is top notch..makes a change!

D-Molish on DJGONE.TV

Dirty bars from D-Molish Task Force Family..DJGONE.TV

Remus on DJGONE.TV

Check this shit out...Remus stepping up the gears


Hip Hop superstar Kanye West is lining up the first official independent release from his very own G.O.O.D Music label.

The rapper has teamed up with fellow Chicago native and spoken word phenomenon Malik Yusef to release the double album entitled G.O.O.D Morning G.O.O.D Night.

The first single from the project is a real treat! The tracks called Magic Man and features fellow G.O.O.D Music label mates Common & John Legend.

Check it out HERE

The album features some amazing collaborations from such diverse talents as KRS 1, MICHELLE WILLIAMS [Destiny’s Child], TWISTA, ADAM LEVINE [Maroon 5], JENNIFER HUDSON, PAUL WALL, Mr HUDSON, RAHEEM DEVAUGHN and BUN B [UGK].

Its released on the 8th JUNE – Pick up your copy HERE

Nemesis & Arrogance Album Launch

Yes peoples..its a bit late but check out the big album Launch party for Nemesis & Arrogance's 'DA REAL SHO' you can check out the album and buy it HERE. I suggest you check it out as these guys are raising the level to a next dimension. SUPPORT IT!!

As i said..if you wanna get down to the album launch party and vibes it up with the crew
check the flyer and reach...should be rather large. AND ITS FREE...WITH FREE BOOZE TOO

Monday, 8 June 2009

Farma-Take It Back Again!! Free Download

<a href="">Farma-Take It Back Again!! by Task Force</a>

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Farma Mixtape

<a href="">B.D.R of D.Y by Task Force</a>

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Farma - Your such a DOPE

New track addressing a so called beef..i cant say i had any real inspiration to deal with this guy but i gave it a go. He started it for no reason..he's such a dope!
Oh yeah, just for the record..this is not a very very late and unsuitable wordsmith reply. That shit is long squashed, Words is a top boy in this shit. So dont get it twisted people..Get your Sherlock Holmes on and find out who its about.

Feel free to download it here and also feel free to share it on your blogs etc.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Farma Is Long

Hello people,

Just a quick and humble apology for the lack of updates on the blog..Sorry.
I have a stack of work that i have been neglecting and have been pouring my
every last second of free time into..This ranges from collabs for my upcoming
Farma & Friends LP which is gonna include collabs with, in my opinion some of
the best up-coming and established artists in the UK. With appearances form the
likes of Kashmere, 13th Note, Squid Ninjas, Bane, Dan Lambert and many more.
Also, I am starting work on what i hope to be an album with mr. Louis Slipperz
and also just doing tracks for various peoples projects here and there. Oh yeah,
also i have a mixtape sitting and awaiting a release..dont ask when. As for an MFTC 5
i can only say, dont hold your breath but at the same time, you never know!

As i said, sorry for the longness on a new post, next thing i do will be getting
an exclusive Chesta P interview posted up...Watch this space!

Peace and love


Friday, 13 February 2009

Certified Banger Presents On The Radar Vol. 2 Review

I'm new to this blog thing but one thing i know, is that Certified Banger is the top dog in this blogging phenomena..period! This is the second volume of 'On The Radar' and it is FREE!!! The artists are all on the come up and from all over the UK which for me is now a very important thing to be showcasing. The UK hip hop scene is not just a London thing anymore (not that it ever was but it has been the general perception) and the local accents of my brothers and sisters from all over the UK are something to celebrate and enjoy.

1) Certified Banger Exclusive - JVF Clique (produced by Pappa Doc)
The intro is very fitting with shouts out to MR.CB throughout, the JVF drop over some ill guitar sample and banging beat with good flows and strong presence. Good start!
2) Coming For The Game ft. Jay Madden, Chris L & Assa - Jut
Straight up head nod hip hop, banging your face up with the raw lyrics over a well produced track "over the bar like lampard, missing his free kicks" good shit!
3) Dr. Who ft. Dan Bull, Mrs. Pez & Jimmy Crack – Skrimshank (produced by Damo)
This one hit me on a different level..Its a raw topic, some brave lyrics on this track. But it is done with heart and the message is a good one. Thought provoking.
4) Respect Your Elders ft. Remus - Krate Krusaders
I think i have heard of Remus somewhere before..haha. What can i say? Honestly, even if i never knew this talented kid personally, i would still say that this track is some good shit. Krate Krusaders smacking the beats as per usual. Clear and provocative message.
5) Life Is Real - Antidote (produced by Pro P)
Antidote comes hard on this track, produced by Pro P the beat is emotive and blends with the mc's verses and well thought out chorus. Well constructed track, good flows and real talk. Enjoyable.
6) All I Wanna Do - Chima Anya
This shit is nuts..I gather that this is one of the more popular tracks on this compilation, and i agree. Chima comes hard and lays it down with passion but all the way through you just know that this is a nice guy having a bit of fun (maybe I'm wrong)
"I heard Diplos giving her the magic stick, well that's cool but stop giving her your tracks you PRICK" haha, says it all!
7) Real Life Drama - The Three Amigos (produced by Naive)
These man coming with some of that good old boom banging, hardcore, ruff, rugged and raw shit..the beat is right up my street and the Mc's do the track justice throughout. "This is R L D!!!" These guys are on the ball with good delivery and outstanding qualities. Real life drama!
8) Final Frontier - Grit Grammar (produced by Baron Samedi)
Woohahhh!! Yes, The beat is Nasty..Urgghhh!! Baron Samedi smashed the shit out of this! Grit and co come with the perfect match lyrically. You gotta have chemistry between the beat and the mc to make a track great and this is a Chemistry class for wak rappers..Well done lads. Enjoyed
9) After Life - Dan Bull
I like Dan Bull, when he does his own thing and lets his conceptual way of thinking and writing take control he is in a league where only few can stand. He is producing tracks that have taken time to can hear it. He works with the beat like an instrument within the music. This is how it should be done. Bravo!
10) Drama - Joker Starr (produced by G Man)
Rah, I wasn't expecting this, i like it hahaha i like it a lot! "My name is bodee the dark angels name is Doyle..Da da Dun" man theres like an explosion of lyrics going on in my ears. Joker comes with a cinematic cyclone of some modern last poets over some funky ass 70's shizzle. This is Great!
11) See I Realise ft. Anneke – MasterSystem (produced by Whys)
Cool, I have learnt not to judge peoples work as an artist, because i am part of the scene and i am still really competitive so i have to try to be a 3rd person when i review or speak publicly about other artists work (which means the world to them) All that said, this is the first track on the album that i don't feel very much. The production is cool, the singer is sweet but the mc's timing is not something i can ignore (sorry lads) Timing is everything in life..even more so in music. Potential!
12) Gully - Asaviour & Apa-Tight
Asaviour, what a G! a genuinely nice man who has been coming up steadily through the ranks for years. Apa tight comes hard and does damage with his flows over a lo-fi synthed out gangsta beat "call it how you see it like catchphrase" Hard!
13) The Title - Dabbla (produced by Miss Tofelees)
More big tunes..this compilation is full of talent innit? Dabbla holds the mellow groove well and spits the bars nicely..."be a tree and bend with the wind" clear and coherent!
14) Mimsey Grove - Gouki P (produced by Ants & Jut)
Hahaha..the intro is classic..blop! These guys are hitting it nice. I can hear exactly what they are aiming at and they do it well..the 3rd verse is incredible, serious! Be careful with these flows cos live shows can catch you short ;) But on the whole this is nice..beat is ok but the mc's make it into something bigger and better. i wanna hear more.
15) Subhuman Nature ft. Darkstar - Antiheroes (produced by Reklews)
wahoooo!! i love this shit. UK has got some fucking hidden talents man (or maybe i dont get out enough) This is my cup of tea, yeah the american part is cool but our uk representer smacks the shit out of it. I like the beat..its dark and nasty! someone give me these guys number!
16) Rugged Bros ft. Lowercase - Chattabox (produced by Sober)
Chattabox and Lowercase come hard and raw as the 'Rugged Bros' I have always enjoyed Chattabox and this track does what it says on the tin..Rugged brothers. Nice
17) Dark Matter (Remix) - Simple Samples (produced by Dweller)
I never heard the original but this works cool with me..The rappers bounce back and forth well and all have good voices and deliveries. Beat is nice, again the rappers make it all that much better. Yeah
18) Crop Circles ft. Circle Makerz - King David (produced by Safron)
The beat is nuts, must big up all the beat makers on this compilation as well..I dont know much about these guys. I really like the 2nd verse. This particular style seems to be developing with mc's all over the country at the moment and this guy hits it up and makes it his own..nice lyrics throughout.
29) Family Life ft. Cipher Jewels – Reggiimental (produced by DJ Konn)
Big mans talking right here..Smooth and chilled beat, Rappers coming with the real life lyrics and keeping the message uplifting at the same time letting you know that their shit is real and as they say "gotta get the balance right" A lesson!

Wow, what can i say..phew! UK has got bags of talent to go round. Living in a country where our (hip hop) art form rarely sees any of us have financial success, we all have to understand the benefits of networking between ourselves. It has taken me years to understand this, you can be ignorant towards other peoples points of views and stay sour and empty or you can open the door to a world of upcoming, striving, passionate musicians and poets who want the same things as you. Together we can realise our dreams

Certified Banger, i take my hat off to you. Simple!

Go download this compilation from CERTIFIED BANGER now..Its freeeeeeeee

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tom Collister (Skeam) R.I.P

Another Graffer passes away, Tom Collister (Skeamz) R.I.P bro

Tom Collister, of Stembridge Road, Penge, was found hanging in his cell at HMP Camp Hill in Newport on the Isle of Wight just before 7.30am on Saturday morning (February 7).He had belonged to a gang of graffiti artists which carried out a two-year campaign of vandalism on trains and stations around south London.The 23-year-old glazier was linked to the tags SKEAMS, SKEAMZ, SKEAM and FDC.He was given a 30-month sentence at Southwark Crown Court last October after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit criminal damage.But it is believed the length of time he would have to serve was slashed by 10 months at a hearing on February 3.It is thought he may even have been eligible to be electronically tagged and released on licence next month.
This has not been confirmed by the authorities but posting on a group’s ‘wall’ on a social networking site his brother Luke says: “toms sentence got reduced from 30 months month down to 20 months so he shud be out next month 3. my bruva.”
One of his friends, who did not want to be named, said: “He had made some mistakes in his life and he had been punished for them.
“Yes he did a bit of graffiti but he was a guy that would help an old lady across the road or give up his seat on the bus.”The 21-year-old added: “He was helpful and respectful and he had a lot of friends in the local area.“Everyone has been in tears and cannot understand why it happened.”Another friend, who also did not want to be named, said she has been re-reading the letters Tom sent her from prison to try and find some answers.She said: “I keep reading them over and over and he was his normal self and he cracks a joke and I just don’t understand it at all.“There is no reason to suggest he is not happy or going to harm himself.”The 23-year-old added: “He did not deserve the 30 months for painting a few trains and I do not think anyone thought he deserved it.“Community service to clean up the mess that he made would have been a better option than putting him in prison.“Then he would have paid back to the community.”A Prison Service spokesman said: "Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Mr Collister."His death will be investigated by the prisons and probation ombudsman.

May Tom rest in peace and the thoughts of all the crew at MFTC are with Tom's family and close friends.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Remus - Mixtape Preview

Remus has been working hard towards finishing his mixtape, have a listen and go over to his MYSPACE and let him know what you think..I personally think that if the preview is anything to go by then its gonna be a very good release..But, some would think i was biased. Find out for yourself and have a listen.

Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Skuff & Inja Show - Ital/Holding out

These two guys are super skilled and amazing live performers who ooze confidence and seem to take the whole thing with a stride and glide that many others lack. I know both these Mc's personally and can tell you from the heart that they are the real deal.
This is the first single from the up and coming ‘The Skuff & Inja Show’ LP, ‘Ital’ sees Skuff & Inja trading blows over a supersized beat by UK Heavyweight DJ Nappa (Phi-Life Cipher). Meanwhile flip ’Holding Out’ has Inja taking control of production duties to earth shattering effect, both MCs continuing to bounce rhymes off each other with trademark ease before Mr Thing steps in to add the finishing touch on the cuts. The Skuff & Inja Show stands out because of just that; it is a show. The live performances consistantly blaze, and remind you just how effective a DJ and two MCs can be when they know their trade inside out; a whirlwind performance of tight delivery, depth & devastating tracks. This live energy & chemistry has been the driving force behind the new LP, and it shows in the pure fire of ‘Ital/Holding Out’ Skuff & Inja have been performing together for years as part of Delegates of Culture, plus both have storming solo releases to back them up as dope in their own right. DJ Magazine quoted on Inja: "Sounds like there are no options left but going postal on the world. Lines worth an Ivor Novello, surely." and on Skuff: "Fantastic, timely shit that the rest of British music should be ashamed they ain't answering or discoursing with right now. Essential, important shit."
check out Inja's MYSPACE page and Skuff's MYSPACE page for more.
Here are snippets of the 12" tracks
'Holding out'

'Ital violence'

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

UnderCurrent - Crisis Talks

Undercurrent is an alliance of two similarly-minded emcees; Lixx and Baron Samedi. United by their passion for the creative arts, nature and the supernatural, these two whirlwinds of imagination decided to join forces around the turn of the millennium and haven't looked back since. Over the last 8 years they have released the Sons of Celluloid LP, the Pirate Radio EP and the Crisis Talks mixtape as Undercurrent, and have played to a wide spectrum of crowds up and down the country. In this time, Baron Samedi has also released two solo albums (Spit Happens & Ripping Yarns) and the Animal Rites mixtape (as well as two 12" singles), and produced for a number of other artists. Lixx has featured on several other projects and is a hairs breadth from completing work on his first solo LP.

Undercurrents 'Crisis Talks' album is available as a free download on their WEBSITE.
These guys come hard and dont take no shorts in their lyrics..
Here is one of my favorite tracks from the Crisis Talks album, a track called 'Like us' featuring the very talented Sonny Jim & 777...enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Dan Lambert - Mixtape Preview

I discovered Dans music after he commented (nicely) on one of the videos on my You Tube channel. This kid is full of me. He is 18 years old as far as i know and i asked him for some tracks to put up on the blog and he said that he was in the process of completing a mixtape. I just ripped this preview straight off his myspace page because i think its time that people heard some of his stuff. You can check dan out at his MYSPACE page and give him some support. Dan, if you are not happy with me posting the preview then just holla and i will take it down..Anyway, this is Dan Lambert

Thirteenth Note On The Rise


No Turning Back For Me - Krux

Krux, is another Southampton Rapper who has been sharpening his tools over many years in different guises..Krux appeared on the cryptic chords mixtape i reviewed earlier in this blog called 'Seeds of Ra' also 'The Bootleg Vol 1' mixtape mixed by DJ Shank Carvin. Among many other things, he is putting finishing touches to 'The Bootleg Vol 2' which you should expect to get your hands on this year sometime.
People should get over to his MYSPACE page and check out whats on offer.
I love the use of the sample in this track..see if you can recognize it.
Big up Shank Carvin..

Even Out - Lazy Habits

Having created a buzz with their sold out Surface Dirt and Wagon EPs, LAZY HABITS make their welcome return with two singles EVEN OUT and PLEASE PEOPLE.

EVEN OUT is a brass heavy summer storytelling number about the truth behind Jills involvement in the breaking of Jacks crown that sees MC Lazy leaving the main vocal duties to rhyming partner SKIN HORSE and instead focusing on delivering a huge chorus that has already had festival crowds across the country singing along and smiling from ear to ear.

EVEN OUT is available for download from Itunes, Tune Tribe and all other major download sites with a ltd edition 7 available from

Go and cop this shit..big up Lazy Habits

A Prelude - DefDfires

This album isn't 'hot off the press' but as i like it so much and promised that i would be posting some of my favorite UK hip it is.

Right from the intro of this album you can tell its been well produced and a lot of thought has gone into what the listener is gonna be feeling off the emotive samples and vocals that DefDfires display. Lyrically they are very technical but don't sound mechanical, it sounds fluent throughout and draws you in to the subject matters that they offer. The mc's go back and forth, bouncing off each other in a back to back fashion. The production is of a very high calibre and stands strong even when the style of track is not to your particular taste.

These guys are going to get stronger and can just tell!

Visit their myspace pages HERE, HERE and HERE.

They asked me to announce to the world to be prepared for 'Zombie Nation' which i guess is the next project we will be hearing from the most excellent DEFDFIRES.
Here is one of my favorite tracks off 'a prelude'
Stop the clock (excerpt)

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Poster Boy

This guy is sick..some real underground guerrilla shit! Check this write up from the GUARDIAN..also check his FLICKR photos. search for more Poster Boy on you tube

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Jonathan Yeo

I just been chilling with my good friend Daz from Rare Kind and he said to me "yo, Farmz you ever seen this? i think you will really like it". Boy, do i like it!! Now, i have always enjoyed a good bit of porn..ahem!..but this guy has just turned the whole thing on its head man..i mean fucking hell!! I would urge you to go and check his stuff on his WEBSITE. For a very interesting background history on Jonathan check out WIKIPEDIA. Anyway, here is one of his more well known works of art..check the close up shots..amazing! Click pics for better size.

Now look a bit closer..Click the pics

Thursday, 15 January 2009

No Pretense - Self Harmonic feat Cage

Yooo, damn it man, this little gem had hidden itself away on my hard drive somewhere where it was performing satanic rituals with my sound card..This shit is ILLLL!!

I don't really know much about Cage (hip hop anoraks holding their heads in disbelief) but i like what he does on this track..The lads sit side by side without any kerfuffle and the usual awkwardness of a UK & US collab is nowhere to be found..Bravo!

This track is nasty and spooky and full of dark word play..i can only apologise for not sharing with the world, to find out how to get hold of this wonderful record..check the MYSPACE it is definitely worth the mouse clicking. Well done lads for a very great and truly admirable track.

You can also get yourself over to Certified Banger blogsite for MORE about these guys. Respect to Certified Banger to the max!! by far the king of the UK hip hop Blogsites..who needs Hip Hop Connection when we got Certified Banger Blop Blop!!!

Here is the Radio edit of this brilliant track..Enjoy!!!

Cryptik Chords

OK, So as we travel around the country from Wales to Peterborough and back again we find ourselves in Southampton..Meet the Cryptik Chords

Cryptik chordz are MCs Demigod n Diaside both born and bred in sunny Southampton. They have been making moves as CC for just over a year now hitting up live mics, street cyphers n Internet radio trying to get their name about.

Before that Demi was 1/3 of underground crew 'Insurgents' and Dia along with then producer/MC Trig Rebal were doing their thing with 2 other heads as part of collective 'Alien Schemes'. Demi n Dia linked for a track for Dia's solo EP after both crews had drifted apart leaving the 2 MCs as solo artists. Things clicked and Cryptik Chordz was formed.

After dropping the 'Seedz of Ra' mixtape Trig left the crew leaving demi n dia to start work on a debut EP. They have worked with a ton of local heads including Lordswood MC 'Krux', Shirley MC 'Prior Motives' and Greek MC 'TNT' of 'The Orthologists'. they have got collabs with Verb T, and beats from Kelakovski, Chapta and Dogruff (of squid Ninjaz) in the pipeline for their forthcoming ep

These Guys are repping the boom bap and flying the flag for Southampton high and proud. Their mixtape is available as a free download HERE and to wet your appetites here is a track off the mixtape called Phonetic Thoughts

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Incredible light show

Shame about the cheesy soundtrack but hey!! WATCH IT ANYWAY!!! nice 1 zaga

Man Like Me - Single dad

I just got this posted to me..I like it. check MLM out at their myspace for more. This is the 1st single from their debut album, their press release read: An insightful yet humorous track, it is the first in a string of exciting releases lined up for 2009 from the querky Electro-Pop outfit. The B-Side is a tasty track called 'Doughnut' and there is even a bad ass dance remix of 'Single Dad' available courtesy of up and coming producer Rudimental.

"Single Dad was written when I found out my girlfriend at the time was pregnant. I had a lot of fears at the's a song of self reassurance." Johnny Langer - MLM

'Single Dad' will be available to buy on digital download from iTunes and all good digital retail outlets from 9th Feb 2009.

Strategy on MUTV - Check this out!!!

One of my favorite crews in the world..Broke N English.

Strategy has been making some power moves and is presenting on MUTV, thats man utd tv to us Arsenal fans..but all biased on the footy thing set aside, this is a really good thing. Check the Interview with Goldie in its entirety over at the Broke N English blogsite...Big up Konny Kon!

Task Force Live in Oxford

Task Force return to Oxford..get more info on this gig and others including Stig/Syntax HERE....Hope you can come out and see the force.

Top Ranking - SantoGold/Dj Diplo Dub

Yeah yeah yeah..this is old and many of you will have heard it or hate Santo Gold blah blah..I wasn't an immediate fan of Santo Gold until i heard this mixtape..Jeez!!
This guy (Dj Diplo) is a man after my own heart when it comes to musical diversity and priding himself on his eclectic tastes and wanting to share them with the world. The mixtape takes you through so many musical genres, from the clash to the B52's right the way through to grime/Dubstep and back again and it doesn't sound at all bad.
I have spent many hours in 2008 jamming to this mixtape..its just seamless and rolls from one brilliant track to another. I love how this whole mixtape works..genius at work!

I really cant say how long the link will stay up so, if you haven't heard this then i think you should go and DOWNLOAD it right now!!!

Farma's Big Bag Of Funk Vol 1

Have you ever sat and thought "I wonder where they got that sample from?" I fact, i think that all the time because it intrigues me and i love finding amazing music that was unknown to me before i heard a particular Wu-Tang or J-Dilla track. The satisfaction of hearing a sampled track in its entirety is, for me a great thing. It is sometimes very surprising to hear how little some of the biggest Hip Hop producers actually do to a track to make it their 'own'.

I have decided to dig out and compile some of my faves..this is the first of many to come. Producers with an interest in samples and heads who just like to kick back with some fat grooves will appreciate this small compilation..Go ahead and DOWNLOAD it now!

Task Force Unreleased 'Take my mind away'

This track was produced by Mic Skillagan a good few years ago..Lovely beat.
Brothers Mcbane hitting up the lyrics..I think you lot will like this one a lot.

Dan Bull 'Safe' Album Review

OK, Its always gonna be hard for an artist to review another artists material with honesty and without biased opinion but this is what i am going to attempt to do..

First up Dan Bulls LP 'Safe'

I hadn't heard of Dan before so did not know what to expect at all. My first reaction was...Mmmm acoustic guitar i like this? Dan's voice/accent was not a familiar one compared to the London rap sound that half the country's rappers have adopted so i sat and listened with interest. Dan sings A LOT on this album, i like the singing..Dan raps A LOT on this album, i like the rapping but for me personally as a purist in all sense of the word i don't enjoy most hybrid music..ragga/rap..rap/rock..etc its cool but not a whole album. That is my only very personal criticism of this rather cool and laid back album by someone who i think has great commercial potential, Dan is a good song writer, he has a good sounding voice and a confident and positive sentiment to all his songs. The production is all very musical with nice melodic guitar lines and bouncing beats. This album is nice, its not my personal cuppa tea cos strangely enough i only truly enjoy really ignorant, abusive and dumb hip hop which usually comes from the USA (half joking) and Dan Bulls album is none of the above.

I listened to the album all the way through (a rarity) and was entertained.
Dan comes across as a really nice fella and i personally wish him all the best with this project and all his future outings..If your looking for something with an honest and laid back sound check Dan Bull!!
Find him on myspace
For more press and info and interesting stuff on Dan click here

Dan has kindly offered up a lower (sounds great to me) quality version of his album for free download and if your really into his stuff you should go and buy it

This track is called 'Summer'

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Baby J - Baby Food

I know this records been out for a while but as they say..better late than never.

What can i say about Baby J..Legend?, leader?, innovator? j is all of these things and he has been on his grind for a very long time working with artists all over the uk and also across the oceans. I had never worked with Baby j before and only met him briefly here and there but the opportunity to work with him came around and the track 'Love & Peace' was born.. You can buy his album 'Baby Food' at Suspect Packages now.

This is a recording of Love & Peace at radio 1's live from Maida vale session that baby j was doing with his live band and he kindly invited me and Remus down to do our track..enjoy

Ramson Badbones - The Official Mixtape vol1

Ramson Badbones mixtape is out..long time we have all been waiting for this and at last it is available for your listening pleasure. Get it at Suspect Packages.
Support one of the most amazing spitters ever.
this track is called Taking Medication

Chester P - Survive or die trying mixtape

The long awaited mixtape from Chester p has now officially landed in a store near you.
To get hold of this cd go to Suspect Packages
Support one of the greatest mc's out there.
This track is called Rat Race

The Electric Prunes (password now added)

The Electric Prunes are ridiculous..Check this album out here.
If you wanna find out more just wikipedia their name.


Friday, 2 January 2009

U.S Hip Hop 2008

I thought i would post up some of the jams i been pumping this year.
Its been quite a good year and i have been nicely impressed by some
and sourly dissapointed by others..Im sure you all have your faves,
so leave a comment and tell me your fave hip hop jams of 2008!!
please download my little selection here. peace

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Email me


If you have any questions or requests etc please just email me:
Or if you are an artist or crew and you want to send music to me
please feel free..just use the same email address as above

Love Farma

Thirteenthnote - Peterboroughs finest

Hello peoples,

As i have said i will be spot lighting some of my favourite groups/Rappers/producers etc in the MFTC blog. So, here is one seriously sick bunch of creatives.

Thirteenthnote is the leading name for Hip hop,Dub & soul in Peterborough.....Team Producer "Chat One" has been making beats on a serious level for around 9-10 years, & is also the founder of thirteenthnote family. The team ranges from producers, emcees/singers, dj's & graf artists keeping the essence alive through the original elements..& at the same time, looking to push the culture forward to another level here in the UK & beyond.

(rapper) ILL GRAMR (TOMMY GUNN) has got his second mixtape 'RELOADED' dropping early 2009
(rapper) Xidus Pain has a project called 'TIME FOR A MOVEMENT' dropping 2009
(rapper) Omen D has a mixtape/road album that will be dropping winter 2009
(singer) Damion Charles debut album out 2009
(Ragga) Flip One has a project out also in 2009

Also coming soon (2009) - The 'WARRIORS' music video - ft. Jeye Severe, Flip One & Konscious Kin. Track produced by Chat One

I myself have been checking out beats by Klimeks who you should look out for and i hope to be doing some work with Omen D very soon.

Please check out all the myspace pages of the above artists by clicking here and then going through the top friends..i promise that it will be worth it.

Here is a sicko track that gives you an insight to how good these guys are.


I would like to say a very very genuine Happy New Year to all the people out there.
2009 is sure to be an interesting year for us here in the UK, with our disastrous economical climate and our governments inability to do anything right by its long suffering citizens. The people of this country have surely suffered long enough.
My advice to all, is to take life into your own hands..stop living in fear of the constant threats of so called terrorism that our government is so hell bent on making us believe is a few seconds away. Stop letting the powers that rule our lands control your destiny with the threat of evictions, rising prices of everything, corrupt police and laws that take away our rights to fight for our freedoms.

This year like every other year i will live outside the restrictions that are lay down by our politicians and bend (not break) the law to my every advantage.
I pay tax..i am not involved in any criminal activities..i am a loyal and upright citizen of the uk..So, i deserve to be treated like one.

Dont take no shit in 2009

Happy new year all my wonderful friends new and old
happy new year to all the people who have their hearts in a good place.
happy new year to the soldiers who never stop fighting for the cause.

Love and Peace