Thursday, 25 December 2008


Hi, People have been asking for the tracks i have posted on this blog to be downloadable,
i have not made them downloadable for reasons i dont need to explain but i also know that if people really want to get the tracks off this blog they can (there is ways)
Yes i know it is polite to ask first but in reality i can not stop people from ripping the tracks straight off the page..if you do decide to take the tracks off the page then all i ask is for you to respect us as artists and please contact me if you want the tracks for more (as in mixtapes, Radio etc) than personal use.

Thank you to every one who has commented and spent a minute on this blog.

Love, Peace & goodwill

Farma Xmas

Chip on your shoulder - Task Force Archive (FIXED)

I realised that the track i posted was wrong..sorry. The track is now the right one.

Here is a track we did for Xcaliber when he was on 1xtra. It is done in the tradition of wah blow and Graf da bus up..Task Force on the jay z beat, dirt on your shoulders.

Hold It Together - Task Force Archive

Old Track that never made it to the mftc collection..A bit unlike the usual Task force production but i really like the beat, how i wish i still had the disks these beats are on..somethings just get lost and deleted with time.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Farma Xmas Mix Up

Damn..I'm feeling like sharing today and as its the season of goodwill and all that stuff i am posting an old mix of music that i did a few years ago. Unfortunately it is just one long mp3 with no gaps :( But, i can promise that it is worth a listen..even just once. I'm no DJ but my selection isn't bad even if i say so myself. Enjoy
click here for the link

Iron Butterfly Beat

For years and years i have tried flippin this track and making a beat out of it..I knew it was possible but it never happened until some time last year the moon and the sun must have settled in the right place and aligned with my creativity. Here is my beat..
If you wanna go at flipping this sample it is part of my psychedelic music post, so go ahead and hook it up..Peace, Love and Happiness

Psychedelic Music

Hello peoples, I decided to upload some old hippy music which has inspired The Task Force on their path of musical enlightenment..this one is for the beat makers and the music lovers here for link

Sunday, 21 December 2008

The Checkout - Farma

This is a track taken from a possible Farma mixtape that is ready to go but i think i will drop an official album first..anyway, the track is laced with names of have a listen and see if you can spot them all. Produced by Farma

Down Underground - Task Force Archives

Chesta is very well known throughout the world of Hip Hop for his use of words and deep dark verses about the world and its pitfalls but many dont realise that he is also quite an amazing beat maker..Here is one of his beats with the McBanes bringing the vocals.

La La La - Task Force feat Kashmere

Wow..ever since i first met Kashmere on some college course some years ago, i knew that the guy was one of the sickest and diverse Rhymers i had come across..the guy is stupidly
talented with his words and he also makes some terrifying beats..what a monster.
This was the first time we ever recorded together..and he will probably send a gremlin round to my yard for putting this up but hey, its all love..
La la la feat Chesta, Kashmere and Farma produced by Farma

Fuck You! - Task Force Archive

This one is just the brothers McBane doing their thing over an illed out Farma beat.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Task Force "I wish" Video

You may notice if you are a fan of you tube that people are posting a lot of their favorite UK hip hop tracks etc which i think is great because as an artist you can get some good (and bad) feedback that i think helps artists know their fan base better.
Some of the posts you find have the track playing with just one (usually awful) picture of the group but then some people who post videos obviously spend a lot more time and effort in what they do..making it an all together more enjoyable experience.
Any way here is one of my faves it was posted by Jimmajamma and it is the bomb!!The track is taken from the New Mic Order album (1999) Produced by Mark B
go and check Jimmajammas you tube channel now.

Task Force "Grimey"

I think this was put on some compilation or other..
maybe not but i always loved the beat or maybe lack of one (ahem) it reminds me of tour da france and breakdancing and all those lovely 80's things that we loved and cherished so for the verses, they kind of speak for themselves really..thats grime!

Da F

What can i say about this one..aahhhh the beautiful smell of nostalgia.
This is a track about the rise (at that time) of so called Gangsters in hip hop, hence the f instead of g..cos f is one letter before g..get it? Any way this was produced by Farma/Mic Skilla and guests Farma, Mic Skilla and Chesta on vocals..this is one of Bury Crews 1st ever recordings dating from around 96..enjoy this shit and check out the farma youtube channel for more goodies

Task Force Archive

Another dusty old Task Force track that was never aired to the public
produced by Farma..leave a comment

Chesta, Farma and BadBones Spittage

This one was from a good few years must of been for someones mixtape or summat.
I found this the other day and thought Damn Peeps need to hear the dragon kings again.

Solar Vs Lunar Instrumental

For the fans of MFTC 1 this is a special one for you..the original beat for Solar Vs Lunar produced by Farma a long long time ago..ENJOY

Friday, 19 December 2008

FarmYard Beats Myspace page

Hello to all my beat makers and Mc's or even people who just like beats without an arrogant twat spitting all over them..come over to the farmyard beat
While you are there have a look at all my friends..All beat makers with plenty of good shit to hear.
I will be featuring specific beatmakers in the coming future..for all the beat monsters check this. Suckers produced by Farma


One of my favorite producers right now..and yes i know he is american.
check the download link here
thanks to chairman maf for the link

Slum Rap Geography Task Force Archives

Heres another banger..slum rap geography produced by Chesta

And What? Task Force Exclusive Archive

Make sure you get over to Farmajesus youtube channel for videos etc...this track is called And What? produced by farma

The Squid Ninjas

Peoples, as i said, i would be showcasing some of my favorite UK acts at the moment..The first group i have chosen to feature is a true super group by the name of Squid Ninjas..consisting of Joe Blow, Meta Beats, Cervantis, Ral Duke, Joe Dirt, Cesto, Mud Mowth, Skamma and Jds..phew..and thats not counting the extended family. I cant remember how i stumbled across these guys, i have known about the individual members for some time but had not yet been introduced to the mad and wonderful world of the ninjas..Somehow they stimulate a part of me that had maybe died or fell asleep somewhere along my hip hop journey and i would advise my fellow hip hoppers to check out there web site for a lot more details, music and videos click here to go to their website..if my opinion matters, these guys are the dogs bollox!! Check out this track from their ep PUG UGLY

Task Force Dusty Archives

Hello peoples, as you may have seen or heard i am posting some VERY rare Task Force material up on the blog, now this is to some a serious treat and to others neither here or there. All i ask from the people who take the time to listen to them is PLEASE leave your mark on the blog in some a comment. This will only take a minute of your time and it gives me a vague idea if i should keep the blog going and put in the work that is needed to make this a beautiful thing.

In the coming days, months and hopefully years i will be posting regular exclusives in the form of tracks, instrumentals, interviews and spotlights on some of mine and the mftc crews favorite UK artists.
Also to anybody who has REQUESTS..that are not to far flung..then just put them in a comment.

So, come back and visit regularly, tell a friend to tell a friend and lets make this blog work..


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Task Force Archives pt1

This is a seriously forgotten banger..Produced by MicSkilla & Farma with vocals by..Chesta, Mic Skilla, Farma and the bigger than life Eno Redrum..this has never been heard before so i hope you enjoy it..dates back to mid 90's

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Remus Christ The Youngest Member

Remus aka Smila from Doin' it Large is the first artist from the Task Force that i am gonna feature..Task Force fans will know him from tracks on MFTC vols 2&3 first appearing alongside Farma & Chesta when he was only 9 years of age. Since his birth into the UK music scene Remus has developed a unique and individual style and writes his lyrics with a freshness and gusto that will leave many of his elders in shame and disbelief. Click here to go directly to his myspace page. Check this tune..Brap Brap (feat Farma) and also check out the Remus Interview & freestyle below.