Thursday, 26 March 2009

Farma - Your such a DOPE

New track addressing a so called beef..i cant say i had any real inspiration to deal with this guy but i gave it a go. He started it for no reason..he's such a dope!
Oh yeah, just for the record..this is not a very very late and unsuitable wordsmith reply. That shit is long squashed, Words is a top boy in this shit. So dont get it twisted people..Get your Sherlock Holmes on and find out who its about.

Feel free to download it here and also feel free to share it on your blogs etc.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Farma Is Long

Hello people,

Just a quick and humble apology for the lack of updates on the blog..Sorry.
I have a stack of work that i have been neglecting and have been pouring my
every last second of free time into..This ranges from collabs for my upcoming
Farma & Friends LP which is gonna include collabs with, in my opinion some of
the best up-coming and established artists in the UK. With appearances form the
likes of Kashmere, 13th Note, Squid Ninjas, Bane, Dan Lambert and many more.
Also, I am starting work on what i hope to be an album with mr. Louis Slipperz
and also just doing tracks for various peoples projects here and there. Oh yeah,
also i have a mixtape sitting and awaiting a release..dont ask when. As for an MFTC 5
i can only say, dont hold your breath but at the same time, you never know!

As i said, sorry for the longness on a new post, next thing i do will be getting
an exclusive Chesta P interview posted up...Watch this space!

Peace and love