Thursday, 26 March 2009

Farma - Your such a DOPE

New track addressing a so called beef..i cant say i had any real inspiration to deal with this guy but i gave it a go. He started it for no reason..he's such a dope!
Oh yeah, just for the record..this is not a very very late and unsuitable wordsmith reply. That shit is long squashed, Words is a top boy in this shit. So dont get it twisted people..Get your Sherlock Holmes on and find out who its about.

Feel free to download it here and also feel free to share it on your blogs etc.


  1. haha, there's a resmeblance too. Will listen later - can't see why he started it either!

  2. Ahh you got there first!! There is a resemblance. Fucking well weird. All I can remember of this guy is that Farma helped him out a little while ago with a track. I remember him being pretty wak at the time to be fair.

  3. About time. Nice track farms