Sunday, 21 December 2008

La La La - Task Force feat Kashmere

Wow..ever since i first met Kashmere on some college course some years ago, i knew that the guy was one of the sickest and diverse Rhymers i had come across..the guy is stupidly
talented with his words and he also makes some terrifying beats..what a monster.
This was the first time we ever recorded together..and he will probably send a gremlin round to my yard for putting this up but hey, its all love..
La la la feat Chesta, Kashmere and Farma produced by Farma


  1. This is DEEP. When was this recorded B?

  2. This track is serious. Didn't know anything about it. Nuff respect for letting us listen it to.

  3. yo man the gremlin is on its way!!! haha. nuff respect for lettin me rock with u mans. was inspirational times. lets do some new shit. peace.

    iguana 7