Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Remus Christ The Youngest Member

Remus aka Smila from Doin' it Large is the first artist from the Task Force that i am gonna feature..Task Force fans will know him from tracks on MFTC vols 2&3 first appearing alongside Farma & Chesta when he was only 9 years of age. Since his birth into the UK music scene Remus has developed a unique and individual style and writes his lyrics with a freshness and gusto that will leave many of his elders in shame and disbelief. Click here to go directly to his myspace page. Check this tune..Brap Brap (feat Farma) and also check out the Remus Interview & freestyle below.


  1. Yeh man! Big up Remus, pure talent there.

    What's the beat playing in the video? Really feeling that.

  2. thanks anon..the beat is something i made the other day..i love it but am surprised peeps are feeling it..thanks for the first comment on the whole blog. Farma

  3. Big ups to Remus chattin 1 amount of sense, I like the bit about staying focused on what ya good at an not letting people put you off track, ya dun know young man! Peace x

  4. yes yes good to see remus is still going strong and representing!!! hope the boy goes far!

  5. big up remus!
    big up farma!
    i like that beat as well..
    remus verse killed it!


  6. Is Remus still in touch with Vandal and J-Dot? His and Vandal's collab at the end of the 'Spittin after school' vid is PURE CLASS! What i wouldn't give to hear the extended version of that track...with a bit of J-Dot in there too, that'd top it off.

    Evrything Remus touches - turns to Gold...
    Spitting Heat - over a beat - that makes Older mans turn Cold.
    The sky is his limit, no you can't test his spirit...
    Give him a split-second on the mic, that's all he needs to kill it!

    Big Up Task Force. JJ