Friday, 19 December 2008

Task Force Dusty Archives

Hello peoples, as you may have seen or heard i am posting some VERY rare Task Force material up on the blog, now this is to some a serious treat and to others neither here or there. All i ask from the people who take the time to listen to them is PLEASE leave your mark on the blog in some a comment. This will only take a minute of your time and it gives me a vague idea if i should keep the blog going and put in the work that is needed to make this a beautiful thing.

In the coming days, months and hopefully years i will be posting regular exclusives in the form of tracks, instrumentals, interviews and spotlights on some of mine and the mftc crews favorite UK artists.
Also to anybody who has REQUESTS..that are not to far flung..then just put them in a comment.

So, come back and visit regularly, tell a friend to tell a friend and lets make this blog work..



  1. Yes man, just discovered your blog today - keep it up I say!

    Aidan @

    I've linked you up over there!

  2. yea man keep this blogspot up, i can never hear enuff taskforce. ill be chekin in on the regular. peace

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  4. This blog is much appreciated, please keep it coming.

  5. Just been listening to some of your old stuff... Cosmic Gypsies is my all time fav lyrical tracks.

    ez TASKFORCE, keepin' real tings alive...