Saturday, 20 December 2008

Task Force "I wish" Video

You may notice if you are a fan of you tube that people are posting a lot of their favorite UK hip hop tracks etc which i think is great because as an artist you can get some good (and bad) feedback that i think helps artists know their fan base better.
Some of the posts you find have the track playing with just one (usually awful) picture of the group but then some people who post videos obviously spend a lot more time and effort in what they do..making it an all together more enjoyable experience.
Any way here is one of my faves it was posted by Jimmajamma and it is the bomb!!The track is taken from the New Mic Order album (1999) Produced by Mark B
go and check Jimmajammas you tube channel now.


  1. the dogruff warden21 December 2008 at 01:37

    this is heavy, must have took time to do it, props to jimmajamma,

    what's the tune off anyway??

  2. New Mic Order (1999)
    produced by Mark B

    nice 1 for all the comments bro.


  3. These videos are great, must take ages to put together. I am guilty of putting up those shoddy 1 picture vids :/. Great stuff though, Sixnames.

  4. cool vid.. this track takes me back to about 2000, being 17, blazing it up all day and discovering hiphop from the uk.. (I know I was late but there was not much in Australia!) New mic order and the mark b & blade album were the first releases i copped and new mic order is still one of my favourite uk albums.. big respect to taskforce!!! love your work..