Saturday, 20 December 2008

Task Force "Grimey"

I think this was put on some compilation or other..
maybe not but i always loved the beat or maybe lack of one (ahem) it reminds me of tour da france and breakdancing and all those lovely 80's things that we loved and cherished so for the verses, they kind of speak for themselves really..thats grime!


  1. Spray that Grimey verse - sik!

  2. Theres so meny songs on here i want , man put them on a download if you can , or dont you want to ?
    you two together are unstoperble A B C D

  3. Farma i just discovered this blog from your youtube and i just looked back over the whole thing.

    Some of the tracks are i dunno for a word!

    please keep this going and all the reviews and the posts on other artists.