Friday, 19 December 2008

The Squid Ninjas

Peoples, as i said, i would be showcasing some of my favorite UK acts at the moment..The first group i have chosen to feature is a true super group by the name of Squid Ninjas..consisting of Joe Blow, Meta Beats, Cervantis, Ral Duke, Joe Dirt, Cesto, Mud Mowth, Skamma and Jds..phew..and thats not counting the extended family. I cant remember how i stumbled across these guys, i have known about the individual members for some time but had not yet been introduced to the mad and wonderful world of the ninjas..Somehow they stimulate a part of me that had maybe died or fell asleep somewhere along my hip hop journey and i would advise my fellow hip hoppers to check out there web site for a lot more details, music and videos click here to go to their website..if my opinion matters, these guys are the dogs bollox!! Check out this track from their ep PUG UGLY

1 comment:

  1. they certainly are very dark with their music and lyrics... like taskforce. Definately my cup of tea, bless Farma