Thursday, 25 December 2008


Hi, People have been asking for the tracks i have posted on this blog to be downloadable,
i have not made them downloadable for reasons i dont need to explain but i also know that if people really want to get the tracks off this blog they can (there is ways)
Yes i know it is polite to ask first but in reality i can not stop people from ripping the tracks straight off the page..if you do decide to take the tracks off the page then all i ask is for you to respect us as artists and please contact me if you want the tracks for more (as in mixtapes, Radio etc) than personal use.

Thank you to every one who has commented and spent a minute on this blog.

Love, Peace & goodwill

Farma Xmas


  1. Hello how do we download then Mr. Farmer
    And we are all wondering when CDs and Records are coming out ??????!!!


  2. Safe farmz, good to see you here in blogoshpere! good to hear some of the old taskforce stuff, i aint listened to in years a nice trip down memory lane lol. If you do have any stuff that you want to share as free downloads give me a shout and ill stick it up on my blog too, spread the love of uk hip hop worldwide!!!! peace habitz.

  3. see now i feel like a wanka for hunting down task force tracks on torrents, but i do try to even it out a bit with purchases i can stop suspect packages!!