Sunday, 4 January 2009

Baby J - Baby Food

I know this records been out for a while but as they say..better late than never.

What can i say about Baby J..Legend?, leader?, innovator? j is all of these things and he has been on his grind for a very long time working with artists all over the uk and also across the oceans. I had never worked with Baby j before and only met him briefly here and there but the opportunity to work with him came around and the track 'Love & Peace' was born.. You can buy his album 'Baby Food' at Suspect Packages now.

This is a recording of Love & Peace at radio 1's live from Maida vale session that baby j was doing with his live band and he kindly invited me and Remus down to do our track..enjoy


  1. Beautiful track, Big up to all involved. Feelin the Love in the Room! Peace X

  2. that sounds sick, full band and all well cool.

    track is really chilled man.



  3. yeah, thats wicked, really tight song. shouts to all invloved. How do i download it off the divyshare