Saturday, 31 January 2009

The Skuff & Inja Show - Ital/Holding out

These two guys are super skilled and amazing live performers who ooze confidence and seem to take the whole thing with a stride and glide that many others lack. I know both these Mc's personally and can tell you from the heart that they are the real deal.
This is the first single from the up and coming ‘The Skuff & Inja Show’ LP, ‘Ital’ sees Skuff & Inja trading blows over a supersized beat by UK Heavyweight DJ Nappa (Phi-Life Cipher). Meanwhile flip ’Holding Out’ has Inja taking control of production duties to earth shattering effect, both MCs continuing to bounce rhymes off each other with trademark ease before Mr Thing steps in to add the finishing touch on the cuts. The Skuff & Inja Show stands out because of just that; it is a show. The live performances consistantly blaze, and remind you just how effective a DJ and two MCs can be when they know their trade inside out; a whirlwind performance of tight delivery, depth & devastating tracks. This live energy & chemistry has been the driving force behind the new LP, and it shows in the pure fire of ‘Ital/Holding Out’ Skuff & Inja have been performing together for years as part of Delegates of Culture, plus both have storming solo releases to back them up as dope in their own right. DJ Magazine quoted on Inja: "Sounds like there are no options left but going postal on the world. Lines worth an Ivor Novello, surely." and on Skuff: "Fantastic, timely shit that the rest of British music should be ashamed they ain't answering or discoursing with right now. Essential, important shit."
check out Inja's MYSPACE page and Skuff's MYSPACE page for more.
Here are snippets of the 12" tracks
'Holding out'

'Ital violence'