Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Jonathan Yeo

I just been chilling with my good friend Daz from Rare Kind and he said to me "yo, Farmz you ever seen this? i think you will really like it". Boy, do i like it!! Now, i have always enjoyed a good bit of porn..ahem!..but this guy has just turned the whole thing on its head man..i mean fucking hell!! I would urge you to go and check his stuff on his WEBSITE. For a very interesting background history on Jonathan check out WIKIPEDIA. Anyway, here is one of his more well known works of art..check the close up shots..amazing! Click pics for better size.

Now look a bit closer..Click the pics


  1. Shiit thats nasty!...boy got skills though!

  2. Oh ma dayz Porn collage init!? we used to make porn collages @ skool 4 jokes, this matey is taking it to a next level wiv his orafice an willy fancies..U boys are filthy I tell thee!

  3. shit hot.. i always thought bush was a c*nt..and there it is..written all over his face...