Thursday, 15 January 2009

Cryptik Chords

OK, So as we travel around the country from Wales to Peterborough and back again we find ourselves in Southampton..Meet the Cryptik Chords

Cryptik chordz are MCs Demigod n Diaside both born and bred in sunny Southampton. They have been making moves as CC for just over a year now hitting up live mics, street cyphers n Internet radio trying to get their name about.

Before that Demi was 1/3 of underground crew 'Insurgents' and Dia along with then producer/MC Trig Rebal were doing their thing with 2 other heads as part of collective 'Alien Schemes'. Demi n Dia linked for a track for Dia's solo EP after both crews had drifted apart leaving the 2 MCs as solo artists. Things clicked and Cryptik Chordz was formed.

After dropping the 'Seedz of Ra' mixtape Trig left the crew leaving demi n dia to start work on a debut EP. They have worked with a ton of local heads including Lordswood MC 'Krux', Shirley MC 'Prior Motives' and Greek MC 'TNT' of 'The Orthologists'. they have got collabs with Verb T, and beats from Kelakovski, Chapta and Dogruff (of squid Ninjaz) in the pipeline for their forthcoming ep

These Guys are repping the boom bap and flying the flag for Southampton high and proud. Their mixtape is available as a free download HERE and to wet your appetites here is a track off the mixtape called Phonetic Thoughts

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