Thursday, 15 January 2009

No Pretense - Self Harmonic feat Cage

Yooo, damn it man, this little gem had hidden itself away on my hard drive somewhere where it was performing satanic rituals with my sound card..This shit is ILLLL!!

I don't really know much about Cage (hip hop anoraks holding their heads in disbelief) but i like what he does on this track..The lads sit side by side without any kerfuffle and the usual awkwardness of a UK & US collab is nowhere to be found..Bravo!

This track is nasty and spooky and full of dark word play..i can only apologise for not sharing with the world, to find out how to get hold of this wonderful record..check the MYSPACE it is definitely worth the mouse clicking. Well done lads for a very great and truly admirable track.

You can also get yourself over to Certified Banger blogsite for MORE about these guys. Respect to Certified Banger to the max!! by far the king of the UK hip hop Blogsites..who needs Hip Hop Connection when we got Certified Banger Blop Blop!!!

Here is the Radio edit of this brilliant track..Enjoy!!!


  1. DTTS should do some big things this year! Check my interview with Bane of No Prentense and DTTS records:

  2. this is ill, rekindling my love for cage

  3. tracks tooooo sick man, proud to be a part of the DTTS label

    keep listening folks, DTTS got many more storms brewing for the '09!!

    biggup the review boys, biggup farma for such a sick review!!

    peeeeeeeace 1