Thursday, 1 January 2009

Thirteenthnote - Peterboroughs finest

Hello peoples,

As i have said i will be spot lighting some of my favourite groups/Rappers/producers etc in the MFTC blog. So, here is one seriously sick bunch of creatives.

Thirteenthnote is the leading name for Hip hop,Dub & soul in Peterborough.....Team Producer "Chat One" has been making beats on a serious level for around 9-10 years, & is also the founder of thirteenthnote family. The team ranges from producers, emcees/singers, dj's & graf artists keeping the essence alive through the original elements..& at the same time, looking to push the culture forward to another level here in the UK & beyond.

(rapper) ILL GRAMR (TOMMY GUNN) has got his second mixtape 'RELOADED' dropping early 2009
(rapper) Xidus Pain has a project called 'TIME FOR A MOVEMENT' dropping 2009
(rapper) Omen D has a mixtape/road album that will be dropping winter 2009
(singer) Damion Charles debut album out 2009
(Ragga) Flip One has a project out also in 2009

Also coming soon (2009) - The 'WARRIORS' music video - ft. Jeye Severe, Flip One & Konscious Kin. Track produced by Chat One

I myself have been checking out beats by Klimeks who you should look out for and i hope to be doing some work with Omen D very soon.

Please check out all the myspace pages of the above artists by clicking here and then going through the top friends..i promise that it will be worth it.

Here is a sicko track that gives you an insight to how good these guys are.

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  1. happy new year farma palarva. keep up the blog work.

    Why don't you try eating meat this year or even some fillot o fish from the fishmonger, ha ha.. you never know you might like tit.

    love to my crew

    zaga waga doo dah