Sunday, 4 January 2009

Chester P - Survive or die trying mixtape

The long awaited mixtape from Chester p has now officially landed in a store near you.
To get hold of this cd go to Suspect Packages
Support one of the greatest mc's out there.
This track is called Rat Race


  1. looks like the piggy bank has to be broken into, this sounds raw

  2. Ramson is going to have to wait until pay day. this one is in the post and I cant wait to bust it up in the motor!

  3. suspect packages i got mine as mp3 form i should have prolly waited but was too exited...doh

    respct farmpitz when your solo ish comin b?

  4. whos b?
    dont you mean farma g?

  5. GoT it. Now you get it. Raw beats and usual high standards of lyrics flow and delivery. Absolute quality. Don't keep reading this just go and buy it.

  6. miens just arrived too, seriously recommend it good stuff