Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Dan Bull 'Safe' Album Review

OK, Its always gonna be hard for an artist to review another artists material with honesty and without biased opinion but this is what i am going to attempt to do..

First up Dan Bulls LP 'Safe'

I hadn't heard of Dan before so did not know what to expect at all. My first reaction was...Mmmm acoustic guitar i like this? Dan's voice/accent was not a familiar one compared to the London rap sound that half the country's rappers have adopted so i sat and listened with interest. Dan sings A LOT on this album, i like the singing..Dan raps A LOT on this album, i like the rapping but for me personally as a purist in all sense of the word i don't enjoy most hybrid music..ragga/rap..rap/rock..etc its cool but not a whole album. That is my only very personal criticism of this rather cool and laid back album by someone who i think has great commercial potential, Dan is a good song writer, he has a good sounding voice and a confident and positive sentiment to all his songs. The production is all very musical with nice melodic guitar lines and bouncing beats. This album is nice, its not my personal cuppa tea cos strangely enough i only truly enjoy really ignorant, abusive and dumb hip hop which usually comes from the USA (half joking) and Dan Bulls album is none of the above.

I listened to the album all the way through (a rarity) and was entertained.
Dan comes across as a really nice fella and i personally wish him all the best with this project and all his future outings..If your looking for something with an honest and laid back sound check Dan Bull!!
Find him on myspace
For more press and info and interesting stuff on Dan click here

Dan has kindly offered up a lower (sounds great to me) quality version of his album for free download and if your really into his stuff you should go and buy it

This track is called 'Summer'


  1. Im trying to follow your good example bro..(certified banger)

    You got the freshest blog out there.

  2. Good review.

    Stumbled on this blog lookin at Dan's various reviews and glad I did. Nice to hear some fresh Task Force shit!