Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Prelude - DefDfires

This album isn't 'hot off the press' but as i like it so much and promised that i would be posting some of my favorite UK hip hop...here it is.

Right from the intro of this album you can tell its been well produced and a lot of thought has gone into what the listener is gonna be feeling off the emotive samples and vocals that DefDfires display. Lyrically they are very technical but don't sound mechanical, it sounds fluent throughout and draws you in to the subject matters that they offer. The mc's go back and forth, bouncing off each other in a back to back fashion. The production is of a very high calibre and stands strong even when the style of track is not to your particular taste.

These guys are going to get stronger and stronger..you can just tell!

Visit their myspace pages HERE, HERE and HERE.

They asked me to announce to the world to be prepared for 'Zombie Nation' which i guess is the next project we will be hearing from the most excellent DEFDFIRES.
Here is one of my favorite tracks off 'a prelude'
Stop the clock (excerpt)

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