Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Farma's Big Bag Of Funk Vol 1

Have you ever sat and thought "I wonder where they got that sample from?" I fact, i think that all the time because it intrigues me and i love finding amazing music that was unknown to me before i heard a particular Wu-Tang or J-Dilla track. The satisfaction of hearing a sampled track in its entirety is, for me a great thing. It is sometimes very surprising to hear how little some of the biggest Hip Hop producers actually do to a track to make it their 'own'.

I have decided to dig out and compile some of my faves..this is the first of many to come. Producers with an interest in samples and heads who just like to kick back with some fat grooves will appreciate this small compilation..Go ahead and DOWNLOAD it now!


  1. This looks good, what's on it? Can't d/l it at the mo, will do it at home tonight.

  2. Track listing.

    1.Casanova - Ruby Andrews
    2.I cry - Millie Jackson
    3.Turn off the lights - Frank de Jojo
    4.Nothings gonna stop me - Billy Davis/Marilyn McCoo
    5.Didn't i - Darondo
    6.Mister Moonshine - Fat Matress
    7.I forgot to be your lover - William Bell
    8.Seed of love - Little boy blues
    9.The fox - Don Randi
    10.Rumors - Johnnie Taylor
    11.Sexy moods of your mind - Hot Chocolate
    12.Sounds like a love song - Bobby Glenn
    13.The cat walk - The village soul choir
    14.Theres nothing in this world - Tom Brock
    15.Wish that i could talk to you - The Sylvers
    16.Theme from Midnight express - Giorgio Moroder

  3. looks awesome! Now we can all guess which song sampled them!

  4. Yo if you like this shit you should check Shaolin SOul Vol. 1 and 2