Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Top Ranking - SantoGold/Dj Diplo Dub

Yeah yeah yeah..this is old and many of you will have heard it or hate Santo Gold blah blah..I wasn't an immediate fan of Santo Gold until i heard this mixtape..Jeez!!
This guy (Dj Diplo) is a man after my own heart when it comes to musical diversity and priding himself on his eclectic tastes and wanting to share them with the world. The mixtape takes you through so many musical genres, from the clash to the B52's right the way through to grime/Dubstep and back again and it doesn't sound at all bad.
I have spent many hours in 2008 jamming to this mixtape..its just seamless and rolls from one brilliant track to another. I love how this whole mixtape works..genius at work!

I really cant say how long the link will stay up so, if you haven't heard this then i think you should go and DOWNLOAD it right now!!!


  1. Me can't download this B it aint wrkin, can you send me da file on e mail..Safe!

  2. Yo it worked B, took ages to download to ma bruck laptop but was worth it- Heavy selection, I liked Santo.G from day, she's sik.. inspiring excitin tunes!